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Following are the pictures that will help you understand the India and the farming system in the country, that had been there for ages.

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The stunning story of Indian agriculture is known all over the world for its multi-functional success in generating employment, livelihood, and food, nutritional and ecological security. Agriculture and allied activities contribute about 30% to the gross domestic product of India.

With arable land area at 168 million hectares, India ranks second only to the U.S. in size of agriculture. A well-developed agricultural research system, a significant area of almost 60 million hectares under irrigation and an increasing productivity in major crops enable Indian agriculture to become a globally competitive player. The United Nations estimates that with assured irrigation, India’s food grains output can increase SIX times within five years- enough to feed two planet Earth!
Following are some more important things know when one is longing to know about Indian Agribusiness.

India achieved so far in the agricultural industry:
India is the largest producer of wheat in the world
India is the largest producer of Rice in the world
India is among the largest vegetable oil economies in the world
India is the largest producer of Tea in the world
India is the second largest producer of Fruits in the world
India is the largest producer of Milk in the world
India is the largest producer of Coffee in the world

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