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Green RevolutionNow we will talk about the initiatives Indian Government has taken to boost Agriculture in India.
The first Green revolution that happened in 70’s was the out put of the government India’s initiative that was kicked started with the First Indian Agricultural Research Institute set up in 1905 was the backbone behind the revolution of 70’s. This institute aims at research work and the inventions of the creative ideas and techniques that would benefit the Indian Farming system in a long run.


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In India as like many other things, farming system is also a thousand years old (Ten Thousand years old) Gone are the days of the traditional farming system Indians used to rely upon, the new era has started in the Indian farming system as many farmers all over the India are developing new techniques so as to making farming the easier and less time consuming. Here is brief information pertaining to the evolution in Indian farming system. India has ranked the second largest country in the world in farming sector.

What is more, there are some more things as it is also leading in case of forestry as its GDP has reached around 16.6% and is going up day by day. And one more think to your surprise the India is the largest producer of the milk in the world. It is also a largest producer of wheat in the world along with sugar, groundnut and rice.

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